Eyes, being a very delicate sense organ, can easily be affected by various bacteria, viruses etc. leading to a lot of eye infections. In addition, wearing contact lenses and exposure to dust or other foreign particles predisposes one to a wide range of eye ailments that can, if left untreated, lead to severe ocular damage. Rushing to an ophthalmologist might not be possible at all hours of the day and thus, it is always useful to be aware of certain home remedies that can alleviate the eye symptoms and prevent further damage.

Some common eye infections and their home therapy

  • Conjuctivitis or pink eye: It is one of the most prevalent air-borne infections affecting the eye and is characterized by redness of eyes, itching and irritation in the eye. As it is contagious, it is advised not to share towels, handkerchiefs etc. with others and wash your hands frequently.

Home remedies: Keep a slice of cold bread on the eyes to reduce the itching and inflammation.

Add 7-8 jasmine flowers to a glass of distilled water and let it soak overnight covered with a lid. Pour drops of this water in your eyes in the morning till they are dipped in it and repeat atleast three times a day for best results.

  • Stye: A nasty but harmless swelling that occurs at the base of the eyelash inside the eyelid is known as a stye. Don’t wear eye makeup when you have a stye and also avoid irritating the lump by bursting or squeezing it as it will spread the infection to surrounding areas of the eye.

Home care: Use hot compress on the swelling three to four times a day.

Place a tea bag soaked in warm water on the stye for a while and notice the reduction in swelling size.

  • Eye allergies: Exposure to allergens like dust, pollen, pets etc can trigger an allergic reaction in the eye leading to itching, redness, watering of eyes.

Self-care: Though avoiding the source of allergy is the best solution, try natural eye wash or artificial tears to wash away the allergens from the eye. Aspoonful of coriander seeds boiled in a cup of water, strained and cooled makespowerful eyewash with excellent antibacterial properties.

  • Blepharitis: This inflammation of the eyelids produces symptoms like itching, burning and irritation.

Home therapy: Tea bags soaked in cold water and placing them on your closed lids will cool down the burning sensation instantly.

Honey and Aloe Vera have many medicinal qualities and can be used to treat a variety of eye infections. Aloe Vera juice is a highly effective eye wash and three tablespoons of honey boiled in two cups of water also, help to serve the same purpose.

These are just a few handy tips for some common eye problems for your immediate reference. However, not all eye infections respond to home treatment and require the experience of an ophthalmologist. If the symptoms persist or worsen or if your vision is affected, get your eyes checked immediately.