About Pink Eye

Eyes are the organs of visions most beautiful and crucial part of your life which adds colors to your life. These eyes only enable us to perform our daily tasks promptly and properly so it need due care as well.

Eye which is known as conjunctivitis but basically in America they are identified as pink eye or a madras eye as recognized in India it is actually the inflammation of a conjunctiva. This pink eye is basically experienced due to the reason that may be bacterial or inflectional or it may be a result of some kind of allergic reaction.

Signs and symptoms: red eye known as hyperemia or a swelling of conjunctiva also known as chemo sis or may experience watering these all symptoms indicate the person is suffering from pink eye. Patient may be physically normal there are no symptoms which are going to effect his body.

If a person is suffering from viral pink eye then it is mainly due to some problems in upper respiratory tract and also may experience soar throat and also some cold may be a causing factor of pink eye. This may begin from one eye affecting it first but can easily spread itself and be transmitted to other eye as well.

If pink eye is associated with bacterial factors then it may cause extreme pinkness the swelling of the eye lid and also mucopurulent discharge may be observed from the effected eye creating altogether a new issue. Typically talking this symptoms mainly persist in one eye at first but later on just move itself and get transferred to the other eye causing altogether a new issue.

Almost everyone in life at some span of life experience pink eye it may be during child hood or adult age span or may be either on in an old age.

Your eye is the most sensitive part of your body which demands due care as a slight negligence also can cause it a worst harm. The eye is always the most crucial part of your body which is adding colors in your life and without which you are not able to perform daily tasks as well Although some examples show that some challenging peoples had not made itself a hurdle in their way and had performed in best possible way although they are not having proper vision.

As eyes are the best gift of god so due care should be practiced just be careful that you eyes never get in contact with any alkalis or chemicals of any king as this may prove to be the most hazardous thing which you can experience.’

What treatment should be given to the patient of pink eyes is always been a question some peoples prefer home remedied but others prefer to consult a doctor

Doctors may prescribe some ointments or eye drops to be used daily after some specified interval. Do pink eyes hurt? Yes they do sometimes.

The best home remedies for pink eyes are apply wither a warm or cool towel which ever you prefer on you eyes.